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Recommended Hardware

For farming on GPUX it is recommended to have a good balance of CPU cores and RAM per GPU. Atleast 2 cores per GPU is the bare minimum along with 4GB of ram. High IOPS NVME drive is very important along with 1Gbps symetrical internet but not a must.


  • Bridge ISP modem into good router (pfsense/linux)
  • 1Gbps down/up Fibre or 10Gbps if available
  • Consumer SmartSwitch for Port Isolation


  • Gen3/4 PCIE lanes (more expensive boards have better lane configurations)
  • Risers are OK
  • Dual Gbps RJ45 or 10Gbe is nice to have


  • High IOPS NVME like Samsung 980 PRO
  • Distant second SSD
  • No Harddrives


  • High clock Ryzen 5950x is good
  • Refurb 2nd/3rd Gen Xeons are good
  • Older gen CPUs not so good


  • Anything RTX and up
  • RTX3060 LHR
  • RTX3080 (Ti)
  • A100 / A4000-6000
  • Let us know if you have AMD gpus, we can support it